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As a club director, I hear this question at least once a year:  “What Am I Paying For?”

This question usually comes from a parent of a team that is losing more than winning.  Without directly saying it, they are saying that they should only play fees for winning.

The answer is always the same….”You’re paying for player development.”   “You’re paying for the experience of being a part of an organization that is trying to help your child become a good teammate, a good sport, and a good soccer player.”    Wins or losses do not change that.  The wins or losses are part of the process. Teams win, teams lose, and teams tie.  But the development continues.  The lessons learned continues.  It doesn’t end.

And no, development is not directly related to playing time in games.  It’s about hard work in training, it’s about getting touches at home and in between training sessions and games.  Development is about a constant process of learning and growing as a person and player.

THAT is what you’re paying for.