Ohio Extreme SC is very proud of our players and coaches.   We would like to take this opportunity to highlight several of them.  Please continue to check back for new players and coaches who we would like to highlight.


Carter Jensen
u15 Boys North


1.What high school do you attend?
I will be a freshman at Shawnee High School in the fall.

2.What is your favorite subject? Why?
My favorite subjects are Science and Math. I like doing the experiments in Science and I love working with numbers.

3.How long have you been playing for Ohio Extreme SC?
This is my 7th year playing with Ohio Extreme SC

4.What is your favorite memory with Ohio Extreme SC?
My favorite memory with Ohio Extreme is my U10 year. My team won the Strawberry Festival Tournament, beating the team we lost to in our 1st game of the tournament. It was extremely hot and we game back in the final 3 minutes of the game to win the championship.

5.Who is your favorite professional team and/or professional player?
My favorite team is Atlanta United of the MLS. They are an expansion team this year, and the play with a lot of excitement.

6.What is your favorite position to play in soccer? Why?
My favorite position is center mid because I love to have the ball and be in control of the game.

7.What is your favorite TV show or movie?
My favorite tv show is Arrow or Walking Dead.

8.Who is your favorite singer/band?
My favorite band in Florida Georgia Line

9.What is your favorite “pre-game” meal?
My favorite pregame meal is Spaghetti

10.Do you have any superstitions that you do to prepare for a game?
I don’t have any superstitions in preparing for a game.

11.What are your goals after high school?
My goal after high school is to go to college and play soccer. After college, I want to get a good job and coach soccer.

12.If you could give advice to a youth player (u10 for example), what would you say?
My advice is to always listen and don’t argue with your coach; Practice, Practice, Practice; and be confident in your ability on the field.