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It’s “Academic Week” here at Ohio Extreme SC and we really want to emphasize the importance of doing well at school.

Soccer is a lot of fun, but grades and academics need to be fun also and are much important than how we do in a league game or a tournament.

First, I hope that parents are taking more time focused on their child’s grades than their child’s step over.  I hope that they are in contact with their child’s teacher MORE than their child’s soccer coach.

Second, I hope that parents are letting their child do their own work…helping ….motivating….but also stepping back and letting them figure it out on their own.   Too many times we try to do it all for them and then they don’t have a chance to learn and grow on their own.

Please explain to your soccer player how important a good education is and then let them flourish.  Step in from time to time and make sure they are on track.   Take academics MORE seriously than soccer…..that’s true for players AND parents!