Ohio Extreme SC College Players

Ohio Extreme Soccer Club  takes great pride in helping all of our players reach their soccer goals. We are committed to sharing information with our players on the best methods to find a college program including an annual Parents/Players meeting to discuss the College Search process and we will take our Elite and Premier teams to tournaments and showcase events where we know college coaches will be present.

Congratulations to the following players who have continued their playing careers at the next level:


Class of 2016
Sarah Fuller – Shenandoah University
Caelyn Reineke – Capital University
Lauryn Foster-Wheeler – Bluffton University
Alexa Marlow – Trine University

Class of 2015
Morgan Grunkemeyer – University of Rio Grande
Brittany Ross – Wilmington College
Ashley Keller – Bluffton University
Kaylee Bradney – Cleary University

Class of 2014
Meghan Tackett, York College (NE)
Morgan Knasel (Ohio Blitz) – Mount St Joseph

Class of 2013
Monique Hanayik (Ohio Blitz) – Capital University
Caitlyn Lane (Ohio Blitz) – Defiance College

Class of 2012
Alicia Sawmiller – Ohio Northern University

Class of 2011
Josie Klosterman – Ohio Dominican University

Class of 2010
Jenny Steinmetz – Goshen College (IN)
Morgan Tackett – York College (NE)


Class of 2016
Bradley Burden – Wilmington College
Braden Conn – University of St. Francis
Caleb Vallieu – Tiffin University
Corbin Knedler – Bluffton University

Class of 2015
Grady Stewart – University of Findlay

Class of 2014
Peyton Schroeder- University of Findlay
Levi Morman -Tiffin University

Class of 2013
Stijn VanWezel, Wilmington College
Austin Deaton (Ohio Blitz) – Heidelberg University
Eion Hogston (Ohio Blitz) – Ohio Valley University

Class of 2012
Sam Best, University of Northwestern Ohio
Garrett Renner, University of Northwestern Ohio
Joe Burnett, Ohio Nothern University

Class of 2011
Dlyan Pritchett, Bluffton University

Class of 2010
Austin Howard, Anderson University (IN)
Bubba Klear, Shawnee State University
Jason Tropf, Ohio Northern University

Class of 2009
Kyler Washam, Ohio Northern University

Why is playing high level competitive soccer important?

The Facts:
 Playing club soccer is the key to becoming the best soccer player possible. We surveyed 192 current college men’s and women’s soccer players from around the state of Ohio (all Divisions) and here are the results:

At what age did you begin playing organized soccer? 92% said ages 7 or younger.

At what age did you attend your first soccer tryout? 83% said ages 10 or younger.

How many years did you play both “club” and “rec” soccer in the same year? 71% said they never played club and rec in the same season. 19% answered 1 season before going to club exclusively.

At what age did you begin playing soccer “year round?” 88% said before they were 11 years old.

At what age did you stop playing any other organized sports (other than track and field or cross country)? 75% said by the age of 14 they had stopped playing other organized sports.

Which team did you feel like gave you the best chance to play college soccer? 89% said their club team, while 11% said their high school team (but in many cases, the respondents mentioned that it was because their high school program was one of the best in the state).

If you had a son or daughter who wanted to be the best soccer player he/she could be, at what age would you encourage him/her to start playing club soccer? 96% answered before the age of 10.

We hope you take advantage of everything that we have to offer. Together we can help the soccer players of West Central Ohio become the best they can be, both on and off the field.