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Have you heard a player say…..”if I score a goal today, my parents are going to give me $5″?

A goal is something that every player has a part in, not just the one running to dance with the corner flag in celebration.  What about the outside back who defended or intercepted the pass that led to our team attack?   What about the central midfielder who won the last loose ball and shielding off an opponent that led to the team attack?    What about the winger who did a step over and beat his/her opponent before crossing it into the goal scorer?   How much should they get?

Soccer is the ultimate team sport.  But, parents don’t think it’s as much fun to go to the water cooler and brag about their child being a great outside back, so they want their child to be the one who scores goals so they can feel more proud.

Parents should reward the same thing that the coaches reward…..hard work, teamwork, effort, being a great teammate, etc.

So next time parents, let’s pick something to reward that means something in the player’s development….or just sit back and relax and enjoy watching and cheering.